Unit Living Pods – Urban Livings for Urban Lifestyles at SCG Experience

Unit Living Pods at SCG Experience

Unit Living Pods at SCG Experience during SCG Innovative Exposition 2015 was a project generated by SCG’s three disciplines (design, engineer & technology) with an urge to provide new way of living to urban lifestyle trends, in which fast and easy are key factors. In this project, it is a group of four modular light-weight aggregate concrete precast pods with a concept showing countless alternatives of customization. People can customize their new own pods based on their preference of living. In addition, they can renovate their existing house by adding these pods.

Besides, in terms of financial benefit, its material property offers up to 30% lighter than normal concrete that would hep saving in transporting and handing precast units on site.

Screen Shot 2016-06-12 at 11.40.05 AM
Benefits of Unit Living Pods

This project started in late 2015, and now it is still showcasing four particular design based on four lifestyle & design trends of 2016/17 that SCG has researched; consisting of AUTHENTIC, BioSMART, ECOFICIENT and INFLUENCE. These four designs are represented through four types of rooms; bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and party room.


For the first pod – AUTHENTIC, it is a bedroom designed based on a trend of mix & match, particularly of old and new – culture & modernity.

AUTHENTIC-INTERIOR 01AUTHENTIC-INTERIOR 02The interior design shows various pattern like Chino-Portuguese, wood-like as well as red brick, decorated with black metal and paper accessories (mousse-like paper wall hanging, paper-frames and paper lanterns. Most design elements are of course SCG’s products.


The second pod is BioSMART – a universal design bathroom with an inspiration of well-being and organic form.

BIO SMART-INTERIOR PANOBIO SMART-INTERIOR 02BIO SMART-INTERIOR 10Since BioSMART is talking about design that enhances everyone’s well-being, the interior of this bathroom consists of seamless floor, without any step, makes it easier for elderlies or wheelchair users to use this bathroom, as well as white color and curvy ceiling (made from SCG’s FRP – Fibre Reinforce Plastic) that makes this room more relaxing and hygienic-look. Additionally, the interesting points are also the COTTO’s sanitary wares. The basin covered with soft material that provides safety for a user. The toilet with smart technology that helps a user to use it independently. The foldable handrail that helps utilizing a space inside.


The third pod is a kitchen with a design of ECOFICIENT, that represent a living for ECO + Efficient; environmental friendly with urban and well-organized look.


This kitchen is composed of two modular pods which make the interior more spacious. Inside is decided into two small zones; dining area and cooking area. Since ECOFICIENT is about ECO + Efficient, there are various environmental friendly and innovative products. Modular Green Hive – a vertical farming offers a user to grow one own vegetables inside of the room. Herb Board – a wall finishing material (over the dining area here) that is transformed from agricultural waste into neat and classy look.


The last one is a design of INFLUENCE inside a party room that is composed of two modular pods. The design of INFLUENCE is more lavish and outstanding representing influential celebrity’s lifestyle.


The interior design of this party room allows a user and friends to enjoy chatting, drinking wines, laying down with laughter inside this entertaining atmosphere. The iconic pink 3D wall finishing is made of fiber-glass with a property of sound absorption making this room is not like other rooms.

Unit Living Pods at SCG Experience

Even though, Unit Living Pods is now more about conceptual, SCG believe in its potential and its benefits for urban living. Therefore, this project will continue developing for one day it will become into practice.


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