Trend Gardens at SCG Experience


Design Trends 2016/17 from Creative & Design Office (CDO) has demonstrated through garden decoration – Trend Gardens, at SCG Experience. Consisting of four design trends of 2016/17; AUTHENTIC, BioSMART, ECOFICIENT and INFLUENCE.

Trend Garden – AUTHENTIC

The first trend garden will be discussed is AUTHENTIC – representing a lifestyle influenced from a multicultural urban society through tropical plants with mix & match design as seen from rattan, terra-cotta, tribal pattern, rough materials and earth-tone colors.

Trend Garden – AUTHENTIC’s Rough Material

Relaxing in a garden for AUTHENTIC people is to retreat themselves into the world of art craved through an inspiration from numerous cultures, delicately created in a secrecy space of their own.

Trend Garden – BioSMART

Next, BioSMART Trend Garden is inspired from lifestyle of health-conscious people who also embrace advanced technology.

Trend Garden – BioSMART’s Soft-Look Material

A sense of art and science merged with natural essence represents through a fair line and curvy decoration, additionally hygienic colors with soft-look shape and form, creating friendly feeling toward garden’s surrounding.

Trend Garden – ECOFICIENT

ECOFICIENT Trend Garden is a fusion between the smart yet eco-friendly innovative design. Relaxing in a garden of ECOFICIENT is to enjoy a perfect cup of an aromatic coffee in an urban garden that is completed with a sense of modern atmosphere.

Trend Garden – ECOFICIENT’s Well-organized Materials

The design embraces an aesthetic of geometry showing through minimal, sophisticated details as well as well-organized ornaments and monochrome colors that reflects the ambience of modern city life.

Trend Garden – INFLUENCE

The last Trend Garden is INFLUENCE. It delivers an image of extraordinary ornaments made from ultramodern materials that intermix with a hint of new technology.

Trend Garden – INFLUENCE’s Dazzling Material

Relaxing in the garden of INFLUENCE is like to party all day and night with friends in a delightful sensation of modern which garden that captures the glamorous, vivid colors of artificial and real plants. The dazzling decorative objects presented by iridescent colors create a radiant movement that catches crowd’s eyes.

These four Trend Gardens will be displayed in SCG Experience through 2016, as well as other design products that welcome everyone to explore.


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