Unveil Exhibit – a design collaboration between GEOLUXE and Naoto Fukasawa at Milan Design Week 2016

Unveil Exhibit at Milan Design Week 2016

Unveil Exhibit was a design collaboration between GEOLUXE, an emerging Pyrolithic stone manufacturer from Thailand, and Naoto Fukasawa, a Japanese industrial designer, during Milan Design Week 2016 at Via Savona, Milan, Italy. The exhibition showcased superior properties of GEOLUXE, which claims to be 100% mineral based material that is suggested to overcome imperfection of natural stones and most of other surface materials; stain resistance and higher breakage resistance.

Eramo and Palizza

The exhibition showed two new realistic marble-like designs including sophisticated brown – Eramo and relaxing white – Palizza, through artistic sculptures to emphasize on its beauty in different dimensions as well as to represent its function.

Artistic sculptures that lean on each other at Via Savona.

At the outside, an enormous full slab (1.40 x 3.20 meters) of both Eramo and Palizza were leaned on each other, reflecting a modernity that ironically blended within the surrounding heritages.

Eramo and Palizza were intersected to represent its potential function as counter top.
GEOLUXE – a breakthrough material that offers various surface covering possibilities.

Besides its beauty, GEOLUXE showed its function as a counter top through the intersecting sculpture of Eramo and Palizza. In fact, according to its properties, GEOLUXE perfectly matches for most surface coverings like counter top as well as wall and floor covering.



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