“Finally Free” – Caitlyn Jenner x MAC Cosmetics Launched Lipstick that Supports Transgenders

The freedom of expression and gender equality of LGBT have been increasingly accepted in the society than ever before. Since last years the phenomenon event happened when USA recognizes a law of same sex marriage in all over 50 states, many businesses spot this aspect and show  support for LGBT via countless campaigns; particularly in the world of fashion and beauty that truly have power to inspire many LGBT all around the world to be brave and dare to came out of the closet.

One of recent interesting actions was MAC cosmetic who teamed up with Caitlyn Jenner (an American television personality and retired Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete who was formerly known as Bruce Jenner) and launched limited edition of lipstick – “Finally Free” in April 2016.

Caitlyn Jenner x Mac Cosmetics

Completely 100% of the sales from this special shade will benefit MAC AIDS Fund Transgender initiative to support organization and programs devoted to improve the quality of transgenders’ lives.

Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics
Caitlyn Jenner x Mac Cosmetics

As a campaign’s brand ambassador, Caitlyn Jenner also celebrated her collaboration with MAC by posting her beautiful, alluring photos advertising via Instagram in which she shines elegantly in her little black bustier as she was wearing her signature rose-nude colored lipstick, and another one in a sparking gold dress laid sexily on the set as a queen. Both photos represent a confident yet mysterious appearance of Caitlyn as a transgender model.

Being LGBT is something not to be ashamed and hidden anymore. Caitlyn proves that and she is one of amazing people who embrace one true self with happier life.

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

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