Vibrant Milano! Color Trends from Milan Design Week 2016

For this year of Salone de mobile or Milan design week 2016, it was full of many excited design events around this wonderful city but one thing that caught everyone’s eyes is an emerging group of unique colours blooming everywhere ranging from fashion, interior decoration to furniture pieces.

This Spring-Summer, there were some colours that become outstanding; from warm to cold tone. The new sensation of these shades reflected a beauty of true nature, a new sense of richness, a serenity and energetic movement that represented through countless exquisite designs. Generally, these vibrant hues could be classified into 3 colour trends as below.

A New Face Of 60s

60’ colours shade is coming back this year in a newest sensation. In 1960s, the bright fluorescent shades as red,pink,blue,yellow and green are used widely everywhere from fashion to home decoration. This year, the 60’s colours are rebirth again in a more beautiful,freshness style that could enhances the liveliness of an interior atmosphere.


Luscious Red  an intense colour that could spices up a home into powerful sensation.

Rose Quartz Pink  from one of pantone colour of the year, this dusty pink gives a gentle feeling to everywhere it is.

Terracotta Orange – inspired by a luxurious of clay, It could establishes a cultural spirit into every spaces or designs.

Mustard Yellow  brightens a sense of happiness with this fetching yellow.

Serenity Blue  again… this pantone of the year colour could creates the tranquil feeling.

Midnight Blue – embraces this stunning blue that delivers a luxurious sentiment.

Moody Green  – a delicate green that could change the mood of a room.

Vivid contradiction

The contradiction of hot and cold colours fused together created a stunning design in a furniture and decoration. There were many shades of contrast colours that were brought to mix together resulting in  breathtaking appearance, especially in an interior space which colour mostly affects a feeling of the habitat there.

Gold Revival

Gold is a new black!! From last year, the metallic trend become more popular in every design fair all around the world; from rose gold, copper, brass to of course … gold. But this year, Gold is emerging everywhere. It could be used as a main material of furniture design and decorative object or as a decorative accent to enhance a design more dramatically. The gold phenomenon brings a lavish sensation toward interior spaces that could be found everywhere in Milan.

gold revival

The Age Of Iridescent

The dazzling iridescent had become one of a highlight in colour trends this year. There were a lot of events and products that used this accent to heighten a density of design. Moreover, this colourful gradient colours made an exciting effect when lighting is reflected. And if the light casted through a transparent material, it could creates the ethereal shadow along the surface.


The movement of design industries this Spring-Summer is going to be more extraordinary with these colour trends. A lot of playful elements added with colourful accents surly will impress everyone within the world of the beautiful objects.


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