Cannes Lions 2016 – All Grand Prix Winner!

As the 2016 Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity has come to a grand finale, apparently there were many exceptional creative works. Here we captured some of the greatest that won Grand Prix,  from each category.

1. Creative Data Lions: The Next Rembrandt (Agency: JWT Amsterdam / Client: ING)

The revival of Rembrandt Van Ricin’s painting, one of the greatest painters and printmakers in Dutch history, was created merely from data and technology. By using Microsoft software and input from Delft University of Technology, the project analyzed all 346 Rembrandt’s paintings in every feature that makes Rembrandt, Rembrandt; such as proportion of the portrait, costume, color tone and even facial hair. The result was phenomenal that won two Grand Prix in Creative Data Lions and Cyber Lions.

2. Creative Effectiveness Lions: Monty’s Christmas (Agency: adam&eveDDB London/ Client: John Lewis)

The heartwarming advertising (first launched in 2014) that won Film Craft Grand Prix last year and still touches everyone’s heart that made it earn another Grand Prix in Creative Effectiveness Lions this year.

3. Cyber Lions: Justino (Agency: Leo Burnett Madrid / Client: Spanish Lottery) & The Next Rembrandt (Agency: JWT Amsterdam / Client: ING)

“Justino” is a touching story with Pixar-like animation that promotes Anuncio Loteria de Navidad, Spain’s famous annual Christmas lottery. The story is mainly about an elderly night guard at a mannequin factory who seems to be lonely because he never meets his colleagues due to different working time. But the story shows his positive mind that want to connect with them by using mannequins to greet them interesting each day. From all of his effort, his colleagues return him with a big surprise on special holiday.

4. Design Lions: Life Is Electric (Agency: Dentsu Inc. Tokyo / Client: Panasonic)

“Life Is Electric” investigates and demonstrates electricity, an untouchable yet embedded into our life, can be seen through everyday life.

5. Digital Craft Lions: Because Recollection (Agency:  84.Paris/ Client: Because Music)

French agency – 84.Paris suggested “Because Recollection” that encourages people to play with musics, not only to listen to musics.

6. Direct Lions: The Swedish Number (Agency: Ingo Stockholm / Client: Swedish Tourist Association)

“The Swedish Number, +46 711 793 336” was a tourism campaign that allowed anyone around the world, to call a phone number in Sweden and talk to a random Swede immediately without any instruction or obligation engaged over their conversation. Besides, this unfiltered campaign generated immediate response of 9.5 million brand ambassadors talking directly to Swedes, not just texting, which contradicted the current communication norm, that we mainly text to each other making misunderstanding over conversation.

7. Entertainment Lions: The Displaced (Agency: VRSE Works / Client: New York Times)

The New York Times’ VR experience “The Displaced” that immersed viewers into the experiences of refugee children became the most downloaded app in the publication’s history.

8. Film Lions: Shoplifters (Agency: adam&eveDDB London / Client: Harvey Nichols)

CCTV footage taken to this film telling the story of shoplifters who steal from Harvey Nichols malls, but with cartoon-villain heads over their faces made this film more funny than evil. Together with the ending tag line “Love Freebies? Get Them Legally.” made this film is more remarkable.

9. Film Craft Lions: Rule Yourself (Agency: Droga5 / Client: Under Armour)

The film revealed the story of what Olympic Gold Medalist, Michael Phelps does in the dark, puts him in the light. It received honorable award not only because of its idea but also its “quality and aesthetic of the individual elements of the film-making process”, according to a jury president and Great Guns Founder and CEO – Laura Gregory.

10. Glass Lions: 6 Pack Band (Agency: Mindshare and Brooke Bond partnered with Yash Raj Films India / Client: Hindustan Unilever)

Being a transgender in India is troublesome due to their traditional restriction. In order to make transgender to be accepted, music could be the best platform according to Indian lifestyle that is full of rich musics and dance. Therefore, the music VDO of 6 Pack Band comprised six transgender singers from India’s “Hijra” community, promoting equality among every gender, which aligns with the Brooke Bond Red Label’s mantra -“bring people together”.

11. Health & Wellness Lions: 6 Pack Band (Agency: Ogilby & Mather London / Client: Philips)

“Breathless Choir” tells the story of people with breathing disabilities who find difficulty in singing but joined together and practiced to do what they were yearning for – singing. This beautiful story earned two Grand Prix in Health & Wellness and Pharma Lions.

12. Innovation Lions:  AlphaGo (Agency: Google DeepMind London / Client: AlphaGo)

“AlphaGo” was a complex computing game that could think like a human which beat professional Go players around the world, disrupting the artificial intelligence industry.

13. Integrated Lions: House of Cards – FU2016 (Agency: BBH New York / Client: Netflix)

“House of Cards” had been executed in complex yet brilliant integration among various mediums reflecting the American’s culture, which made this Netflix political drama achieved the Integration Grand Prix.

14. Media Lions: McWhopper (Agency: Y&R New Zealand / Client: Burger King)

Burger King proposed a peaceful letter ad to McDonald suggesting they both to join forces to do what they do best – to create a “McWhopper” burger.


This simple but powerful idea of this print work earned two Grand Prix in Media and Print & Publishing Lions.

[To find out more Print & Publishing Winners of Asia: click here]

15. Mobile Lions: NYTVR (Agency: T Brand Studio / Client: New York Times)

The New York Times gave away Google Cardboards, that display various contexts in 360 degree through NYTVR app to offer wearers to immerse themselves in different contexts in a new dimension.

16. Outdoor Lions: Brewtroleum (Agency: Colenso BBDO Auckland / Client: Heineken)

Beer consumption is declining. So Colenso BBDO Auckland come up with an interesting idea for Heineken to promote beer consumption; drinking beer could safe the world! Proposing “Brewtroleum” that could generate clean-energy biofuel made from the yeast and grain left over from the brewing process.

17. PR Lions: The Organic Effect (Agency: the Swedish Environmental Research Institute – IVL / Client: Coop)

The VDO launched in 2015 to persuade people to eat organic food. By experimenting in one family who always eat convenient food to lower their cost to eat organic food for two weeks, the researchers from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute – IVL tested the family member’s urine before and after the experiment. They claimed that most pesticides in the family members’ body were removed within such a short period of time. This made this VDO gone viral enormously and promoted sales for Coop by 20%. (Despite their misleading intention that they only tested pesticides in conventional agriculture; not include pesticides used in organic agriculture such as copper and iron sulfate, sulfur, etc., according to Debunking Denialism).

18. Product Design Lions: Project Jacquard (Agency/Client: Google ATAP)

Instead of weaving a textile from normal threads, Google investigated weaving a textile from conductive threads which could recognize a variety of simple touch gestures like touchscreen panel can do. This would make technology truly integrated in daily life.

19. Promo & Activation Lions: #OptOutside (Agency: Venables Bell & Partners San Francisco / Client: REI)

The campaign of REI’s #OptOutside encouraged people, both REI employees and their customers, to go outside and enjoy outdoor activities on Black Friday – the day after Thanksgiving and the biggest shopping day. Contrasted to other brands that put their product on sale and set different promotions on Black Friday, REI’s #OptOutside closed their 143 stores, which made their anti-promotional #OptOutside campaign awarded the Promo & Activation Grand Prix as well as Titanium Grand Prix.

20. Radio Lions: The Everyman Meal (Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Johannesburg / Client: KFC)

The sense of humor surely was brought to this radio ad. telling men that they are still manly even if they do or eat unmanly things.

Photos and VDO courtesy of Harvey Nichols, Under Armour, REI, Netflix, Beyonce, Edeka, The New York Times, Burger King, Google DeepMind, ING, Spanish National Lottery, Heineken New Zealand, Panasonic, Google, John Lewis, Because Music, Daniel Acker/Bloomberg, Swedish Tourist Association, Hindustan Unilever, Coop, Koninklijke Philips N.V., Pearson, UNICEF, adobomagazine, and Cannes Winner.


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