“Atheleisure” – A Year of Sporty Chic Style

Olivier Rousteing x NikeLab “A Football Nouveau” Collection
Olivier Rousteing x NikeLab “A Football Nouveau” Collection

“Health is a new skinny” has truly been a very popular trend last year and still on the go!!

Healthy wellbeing has become something everyone values; from famous influencers or celebrities to ordinary people. We can see the increasing of health consciousness through social medias where people love to show their exercising activities, their clean diets or their own healthy body. The impact of this lifestyle surely lies across all industries; including fashion. Inspired by people who love to mix and match fitness wears in everyday fashion apart from fitness time, this emerging style has led into a new fashion trend, called  “Atheleisure”-  a combination between ‘athlete’ + ‘leisure’.

GiGi Hadid: Photo by Raymond Hall / Getty Image

Sporty lifestyle has became much more about emotional and image status, not just about something physical anymore. More stylish people wore the activewear as an everyday fashion. This trend alert attracts many high-fashion brands to get on in this new market which is continuing to expand to the boom. Famous designers as Tory Burch, Stella McCartney , Derek Lam and even superstar celebrity like Beyoncé also jumped into the collaboration with sportswear brand  that make a plain sweats, bomber jackets, leggings or sneakers become something chic and casual that people could wear anywhere; from hip restaurants to a grocery stores near their home. Here are some examples of the brand collaborations that make a year of “A Sporty Chic Style”.

Olivier Rousteing x NikeLab

A collaboration between a talented fashion designer “Olivier Rousteing” – creative director of a high fashion brand “Balmain” with NikeLab has unveiled a stunning unisex design that fused a textile innovation and creative imagination on a look of sport outfit. Inspired by European’s Football championship this summer,  “A Football Nouveau” Collection features a signature of Rousting style, with a shade of black and gold colours combination on the complete look of NikeLab’s Jacket , sweats, shorts along with sneakers that boost up an aesthetic of strong yet expensive iconic of a Parisian Balmain style.

“A Football Nouveau Collection”

Beyonce’ “IVY PARK” x Topshop

A new activewear line co-founded by Beyonce’ and a hi-street brand ‘Toyshop’  is a new must-have items for fashionistas. The “Ivy Park” collection embraces an allure yet powerful sensation of women body to make them “feel  to the top of their game”. The collection is comprised of a monotone shades outfit like black, white and grey in a modern look that “Strong  Beyond Measure”. And of course a brand ambassador cannot be someone else but this gorgeous singer – Beyonce’ to represent how to be stylish in sport apparels.


Photos and VDOs courtesy of Olivier Rousteing x NikeLabShow studioIVYPARKVogue: The 5 Golden Rules of Athleisure











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