The National Building Museum Is Turned Into An “ICEBERGS” World

“ICEBERGS” Installation at The National Building Museum

Jame Corner Field Operations, the designers behind Manhattan’s popular High Line Park, has created another fascinating work – a playful ice field inside The National Building Museum in Washington, D.C., called “ICEBERGS”.

Surreal Spectacular ICEBERGS

Along with the sense of the National Building Museum celebrating architecture, engineering, construction and urban planning, ICEBERGS aims to represent both beautiful and ominous reflected the situation of climate change, ice-melt, and rising seas through re-usable construction materials like scaffolding and polycarbonate panel (which is commonly used in building greenhouse, and the blue net that was represented the waterline, creating playful movement and unique landscape in the field.

Blue Net as Waterline
Relaxing Time in ICEBERGS
Ice Chutes Creating Playful Experience

This playful installation allows visitors to learn about how design can transform spaces and lives; meanwhile, to enjoy various experiences; travel undersea bridge, slide down an ice chute, climb up to a viewing area inside the tallest berg as well as sit down and just relax.

Photos courtesy of Dezeen


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