Pokemon Go! A Phenomenal Rise of Augmented Reality

It is undeniable that Pokemon Go is the world most famous game app now than ever. Within few weeks, a number of active players exceeds a number of users of other biggest social apps like Twitter, and it also has roughly doubled Nintendo’s Market Cap for $42 billion, according to Forbes.

The game characters are from the popular 1990’s television show. But what brings these character back to live with such phenomenal feedback is ‘Augmented Reality (AR)’ – a technology that provides 3D virtual objects overlaid on the real world, in real-time.

pokemon go 01

AR Technology helps Pokemon Go app by providing different Pokemon characters mapped in different places around the world. Imagine how fun it is when you (as a player) walk around your neighborhood or your office area or even in different countries, and then you discover new Pokemon characters and have a chance to catch them.

pokemon go 02

Moreover, you can also connect and interact with other Pokemon Go players by letting your Pokemon characters fight with theirs, simply through your smartphone. Players truly enjoy the immersive content. We can tell that Pokemon Go app makes the most of Augmented Reality technology that makes everywhere around the world truly becomes a playground for Pokemon Go players.

Due to the success of Pokemon Go app, these immersive content and applications appeared through Augment Reality (AR) technology and Virtual Reality (VR) technology will continue evolving, Gartner suggests that these technologies will bridge diverse scenarios, ranging from entertainment experiences to work processes through 2021. Meanwhile, IT leaders can investigate  various perspectives such as the needs of a target user in different places (such as at home, in the car, or at work) and business value through their target user’s perception. In addition, they can work with EA leaders in order to find new business opportunities.

Even there are many things to be investigated for business development, we can tell from Pokemon Go that the direction of technology will integrate multiple mobile, wearable, IoT and sensor-rich environments (the digital mesh), all together which would offer the utmost immersive experience to users. And that makes the difference.

Photos and VDO courtesy of Pokemon Go


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