Mercedes-Benz Reveals Autonomous Public Transport

As the concept of public transportation is to facilitate people as well as to help lessen traffic jam. But according to Mercedes Benz, public transportation like buses are not what Netherlanders are willing to use, since they might have to wait for a bus for too long and might get stuck because of traffic.

Mercedes-Benz took this opportunity and has revealed what urban public transport will look like in the future – the Future Bus with CityPilot technology which is a bus that can drive itself and recognize everything it would encounter on the road in urban city, such as traffic light, pedestrians and obstacles. Additionally, it can memorize different routes and avoid jam areas to safe time.


The bus made its first public journey in the Netherlands, with the memory of the Europe’s longest Bus Rapid Transit route linked Amsterdam’s Schiphzl airport with Haarlem, in which the route accounts for 12 miles.


For the interior of the Future Bus, the design is surely futuristic as its name with the inspiration from public places. With big windows and a sense of open space, people can highly enjoy the outside views. A grab-hole with tree-like structure. Moreover, there are three different seatings for different situations of traveling. First is a seating for people who take a short journey and want to get on and off the buss quickly. This seating is surely near the doors. Second is for people who need information about the route of their destination. And the third one is for people who take a long journey. Yet there is also a mobile phone battery charger available inside. All of these is to create a pleasure journey for people – to convince them to choose to travel by bus instead of car.

The Future Bus does not fully operate but it will be displayed at the IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Germany in September 2016.

Photos and VDO courtesy of Mercedes Benz and CARJAM TV


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