Top 10 Design Hostels in Bangkok, Thailand

Talking about hostels, normally we will think of budget-oriented accommodation, in which some or entire facilities are shared among travelers, ranging from a tiny capsule to a fancy room. But due to the increasing alternatives, many hostels with an attempt to differentiate themselves from one another offers remarkable experiences through design and touchpoint to travelers. Many hostels in Bangkok, Thailand have also embraced this idea. Among them, there are 10 design hostels that should not be neglected.

1. Once Again Hostel (Phra Nakhon)

once again hostel5

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 10.40.25 AM

Once Again00

Once Again Hostel is located in Old Town near many tourist attraction but still private. Surrounded by authentic communities where local art and craft can be found. The design of the hostel is modern yet authentic with many natural Thai woods and uncoated concrete covering. Despite the design that makes this hostel remarkable, according to the traveles’s review from HostelWorld, services are also fantastic!

2. The Yard Hostel (Ari)


Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.25.57 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 9.26.50 AM

The Yard Hostel is one of the remarkable design hostels located in Ari, Bangkok which is famous for its sociable environment. The hostel is composed of 10 converted shipping containers with the homey interior design and easy-to-find materials making this hostel even more warm-welcoming, inviting travelers to relax and socialize.

3. Adventure Hostel (Saphan Khwai)


Adventure Hostel00

Designed by Bangkok-based design studio – Integrated Design Office (INDEO), Adventure Hostel is a budget-oriented design hostel. It is mostly made of reclaimed materials that is cleaned and repainted in various colors; meanwhile, reflects Thai accent through vibrant-color sarong that is used for upholstery and the roof of roof terrace. No surprise, this hostel is outstanding from the surroundings.

4. Everyday Bangkok Hostel (Bangrak)

Everyday Bangkok Hostel_1

Everyday Bangkok Hostel_2

Everyday Bangkok Hostel

Everyday Bangkok Hostel offers different-color atmosphere with traditional Thai ornaments (as seen from local Thai pattern over the lobby’s ceiling as well as paintings of Thai-garland and ogres from Thai myth on the walls) that is applied into a modern interior space.

5. One Day: Pause & Forward (Phromphong)

one day pause - forward_1

one day pause - forward_4

Pause Forward00

With the concept of one day living, One Day offers two main facilities; hostel called Pause and co-working space called Forward, where travelers can use search engine, have parties, relax and many more as if they are at home. Despite the small space due to its location in the CBD, the interior design conveys cozy yet stylish atmosphere through earth-tone colors of wood and brick, together with a slight geometric patterns.

 6. D Box Hostel (Pratunam)



D Box

D Box Hostel is a capsule-style hostel located in the fashion and shopping district of Bangkok. The design is simply modern with natural material, but its clean line and soft colors make this hostel welcoming to everyone.

7. The Blocks Hostel (Nana)

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.32.54 AM

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.33.27 AM

The Block

Situated in Nana – a district where is rich of diverse nationalities, like American, The Blocks Hostel conveys retro American style through black metal, dark wood furniture, as well as pop-art posters.

 8. Yim Huai Kwang (Huai Kwang)




Design by Bangkok-based design studio – Supermachine Studio, the concept of Yim Huai Kwang Hostel lies on its name ‘Yim’ which means smile in Thai. With the attempt to bring smile to everyone, vibrant colors and dynamic patterns are composed which contrast to the old construction building.

Yim Hostel Home

9. Nitan Hostel (Khaosan)



Nitan Hostel is a peaceful and homey hostel located in the dynamic neighborhood. The interior design is a fuse of loft and Chino-Portuguese design, decorated with blue & white china and potteries.

10. Bed Station Hostel (Ratchathewi)


bed station1

Bed Station00

The industrial loft design of Bed Station Hostel is composed of red brick, uncoated concrete panel, black metal and wood furniture. The uniqueness of this hostel is its facade that is made of typical steel stretch doors in black and copper colors but arranged in interesting composition. As well as its huge logo and name that everyone can notice easily.


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