“Co-Dividual” with House Vision 2 2016 Tokyo Exhibition

House Vision 2 2016 Tokyo is an exhibition investigating a future of housing industries with a “Co-Dividual” theme – “Split and Connect/Separate and Come Together”, and presenting various potential solution for some issues related to house, such as energy, communication, mobility, the aging society, the relationship between urban and rural, and the preservation of traditional land use systems.

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 10.32.24 AM

The potential solutions are represented through 12 full-scale housing prototypes by notable Japanese architects and designers, as well as professional construction and technology companies in conjunction with many big brands.

Tanada Terrace Office by Atelier Bow-Wow + Muji

The first potential solution discussed here is to support agricultural communities. The result is Tanada Terrace Office by Atelier Bow-Wow and designers from Muji – a prototype for paddy field housing and workspace for digital nomads which imitates the old traditional Japanese housing style with stilted timber structure. It aims to encourage city citizen to work and help harvesting remotely during a particular season.

Rental Space Tower by Sou Fujimoto + Daito Trust Construction

On the other hand, Sou Fujimoto in conjunction with Daito Trust Construction address a new idea that replaces typical layout of rental home by introducing Rental Space Tower – a prototype of rental house with large shared living spaces together with pixelated appearance created from cubes of timber. 


Similarly, Jun Igarashi together with Japanese home appliance company TOTO/YYK AP and furniture designer Taiji Fujimori, propose Inside-Out Furniture-Room (inspired by traditional window) consisting of a living space in the center of a house which fans out into semi private spaces.


Another example investigating the area of collective space is Yoshino-sugi Cedar House created by Go Hasegawa and Airbnb, which consists of a public community center pm the first floor and private rooms for travelers on the second floor. This building will be moved to Yoshino town after the exhibition to enhance the relationships among neighbors as well as to accommodate foreigners.

House with Refrigerator Outside by Fumie Shibata + Yamato Holdings

For efficiency purpose, Japanese door-to-door delivery service – Yamato Holdings and architect Fumie Shibata create a refrigerator into the facade of a house together with connected home technology which allows a homeowner to be in different places and use remote control to unlock the fridge to receive their grocery easily. Besides, the design of the fridge is clean and blend into the facade which causes nothing to the beauty of exterior.

Open House with Condensed Core by Shigeru Ban + LIXIL

In terms of energy saving, Shigeru Ban and building material manufacturer LIXIL present Open House with Condensed Core, which is equipped with plumbing water and waste removal into the ceiling rather than the floor to allow for more flexible layouts and space.

Grand Third Living Room by Kengo Kuma + Toyota

Besides, Kengo Kuma (who designs the exhibition venue) with Toyota’s electric vehicles also point out the idea of energy saving through Grand Third Living Room which is a series of folded tents that provides solar power for electric car. It will be moved to remote areas where have no enough energy infrastructure to support those in need.

Kengo Kuma also designs the venue of this exhibition, including the latticed timber walkway and the Checkerboard Water Garden which will be used for public space during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Latticed Timber Walkway of House Vision 2
Checkerboard Water Garden will be used for public space at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

Photo and content courtesy of Dezeen and Fast Co.Design



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