Play More: The First Contemporary Art Exhibition for Dogs

When we talk about loyal and companionable friends with humans, we all surely mean “dogs”. As being man’s best friend, no doubts that they are deserved the best from their humans like good food, cozy shelters, toys, and even an art exhibition!

And here, More Than Pet Insurance commissions Dominic Wilcox, a playful British artist and designer, to create the contemporary art exhibition especially for dogs in London, as part of its #PlayMore campaign. With an attempt to enhance interaction between dogs and their owners by spending time and having fun together, the result will stimulate physical and mental wellbeing of dogs.

Dinnertime Dreams

The exhibition features Dinnertime Dreams, over 1,000 brown plastic balls imitated dog food are filled in a giant bowl that allows dogs gambol as much as they want. Cruising Canines, a simulator that creates experience of driving scene, featuring an open car window and a giant fan that wafts scent of raw meat or old shoes. Watery Wonder, providing dancing water jet for dogs to chase.

Dominic Wilcox: Cruising Canines

Moreover, this exhibition displays paintings from many artists, Clare Mallison, Joanne Hummel-Newell, Robert Nicol and Michelle Thompson, and also Frisbee Bouncing Stimulator – a multimedia project by Nick White.

Robert Nicol: The Painting of Landscape Scenery with Chicken Drumsticks that Stand for Trees.
Nick White: Frisbee Bouncing Simulator

Photos and VDO courtesy of It’s Nice That.

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