Japan Stole The Show at Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony!

One of the world’s most famous and nostalgic Nintendo character – Super Mario stole the show at the Rio Olympics closing ceremony!

As Rio Olympics had come to an end, the next host – Japan showed their country and teaser trailer of their next Games which consisted of their modernity as well as their nostalgia manga characters like Captan Tubas and Doraemon, and video game Pac Man.

Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony.
Doraemon and Friends Are Part of Teaser Trailer of Japan Olympics in 2020.

But what drew joy the most from audiences was a cameo of Japan’s Prime Minister – Shinzo Abe traveling by car and saying that “I will not make to Rio in time!”, and then drilling through the earth from Super Mario green pipe in Tokyo to the one appeared in Maracana stadium, and appearing in disguise as Super Mario at the Rio Olympics closing ceremony to bridge the Tokyo Olympics.

Japanese’s PM Abe Shinzo in Teaser Trailer Rushing for Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony.
Super Mario Green Pipe Helps Japanese’s PM Take A Shortcut From Tokyo to Rio.
Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 12.54.07 PM
Japanese’s PM Shinzo Abe Appeared at Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony while Dressed as Super Mario.

What we can observe here is that Japan enhanced their iconic heritage likes manga instead of their thousand-year heritage in this event. The reason behind this action appears in “Cool Japan Strategy” by Creative Industries Division Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 2012. It indicates economic threats from the rise of the yen causing an accelerating shift to oversea production (since money is required more for new businesses and industries in Japan), which leads to higher unemployment rate. So Japan scopes down to what can make Japanese people do for living in Japan rather than working abroad. And what are truly originated in Japan and unreproducible elsewhere (and people love so much) consist of anime/manga, food, delivery services, Japanese-style inn (ryokan), and traditional arts and crafts. Surprisingly, these industries have generated income as much as automotive industry.

Therefore, Japan will continue develop their economy along this direction. And no doubt why they used the Rio Olympics closing ceremony to advertise their “Cool Japan” to people around the world.

Photos and VDO courtesy of  Vimeo


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