New York State Pavilion Ideas Competition – The Reinvention of Architectural Icon for 21st Century

Sustainability issues still continue influencing many people around the world (including individuals and businesses); nonetheless, an achievement in sustainability is still ambiguous. Some take action by themselves. Some encourage others to take action towards sustainability; no matter in terms of environment, society or economy.

In this case, New York State Pavilion Ideas Competition is another great campaign that raises social awareness of neglected places around the world.

The New York State Pavilion was the shining star of the 1964-65 World’s Fair, charming millions of visitors who flocked to Queens for the two-year celebration by Philip Johnson. But after the glorious period, it was left behind and now it seems to be just a memorial architecture for the next generation.

This competition approaches to re-image and utilize the old unique pavilion of Queens. The idea of competition presented by National Trust and People for the Pavilion – a nonprofit organization devoted to raising awareness of the historic value of the New York State Pavilion, and sponsored by Queens Borough President Melin Katz. There are five awards. The top three winners were chosen by competition team. The Queens Winner was chosen by competitors themselves. While the last one that received the most online votes from public were rewarded Fan Favorite Winner. Below are all remarkable ideas of the competitors.

1. Hanging Meadows
Aidan Doyle and Sarah Wan, Seattle, WA

The first place goes to “Hanging Meadows”. This project seeks to empower an iconic construction by repurposing the original structure and create a suspended natural environment. Hanging Meadows will serve a community organization and exhibit floras of the Northeastern US. Meanwhile, planetarium and classroom space were designed underneath the garden.


2. Civic Hub
Javier Salinas, New York, NY

Javier Salinas utilizes the excisting park and covert into “Civic Hub” – a multi-purpose space that is based on community facilitations; a space for cultural and community events & festivals, agencies, schools and libraries that suitable for all ages. This idea received the second place.


3. Pavilion for the Community
Rishi Kejrewal and Shaurya Sharma, Bhopal, India

For the third place, “Pavilion for the Community” transformed the old pavilion into a cultural marketplace promoting human interaction and sustainability. Features such as a communal playground and solar panels pave in order to energy efficiency.


4. Pavilion Park
Cesar Juarez and Alida Rose Delaney, Queens, NY

The Queens winner goes to “Pavilion Park”. Cesar Juarez and Alida Rose Delaney created this project from the idea inspiration that was received from Queens citizen. Pavilion Park is converted into a public park. With a focus on the integrity of the original structure, the flexible communal space would be centered around a stage with built-in stadium seating.

NYSP - Queens Winner.jpg

5. Tent of the Future
Houiji Ramzi, Saint Etienne, France

The Fan Favorite winner goes to “Tent of the Future” by Houiji Ramzi. He created a new definition of future which combines two significant topics – sustainable development and new technologies. The overall vision is to install solar panels on the pavilion to capture energy that will diversify the activities inside the structure. The result is an open space accessible to all public.

NYSP Fan Favorite Winners.jpg

Photos and contents courtesy of Natural Trust for Historic Preservation.




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