Pokemon Go is Officially Coming to Apple Watch

What comes to our mind when we talk about the most wide-spread augment reality (AR) game now is Pokemon GO – a dream comes true for gamers who want to be Pokemon trainers and catch Pokemon characters anywhere around the world. Recently, the developer of Pokemon GO – Niantic CEO John Hanke – announced that Pokemon GO will be ready to launch for Apple Watch by this year end.

How does the game work on Apple Watch?

A developer team showed that the game makes use of fitness tracking system to help a player catching a Pokemon likes smart phones can do, but more conveniently. It can track a step distance in order to hatch an eggs as well as spin a PokeStop and snatch items. From these functions, players can take their eyes out of their smart phones and no worry about their Pokemon. But the only limitation is when a player is alerted that Pokemon characters as shown up, he has to pull his smart phone up and catch them in a usual way.

Photo: Apple
Photo: Apple

Again, no doubts that Apple Watch for Pokemon Go app will be a thrill for many Pokemon’s die-hard gamers. With its creative idea to enhance an experience for a player by bridging physical and digital worlds together, Pokemon Go is stepping into the next success in a foreseeable future.

Photos and VDOs courtesy of Forbes, Cnet.




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