“Bunny Lane” – A House within A House!

What will you do to make more space for your house? 

The approaches might range from modifying to demolishing. But the Design, Engineering and Manufacturing Company – Industrial Zombie has proposed an unconventional approach by encapsulating a historic  limited-space cottage within an airplane hangar!

Photo Credit:Peter Aaron/OTTO
Photo Credit:Peter Aaron/OTTO

This imaginative house called Bunny Lane, located in New Jersey, expresses the contradictory elements blended together. Inside and outside of this house show the unity of old and new atmosphere.

Photo Credit:Peter Aaron/OTTO

The house is composed of three parts; an airplane hangar, concrete-glass containers, and a traditional cottage. In the middle of the house is a triple space living room that connects the cottage to the opposite divided rooms, which are made of concrete and glass structure, resembling a beehive.

The design of a house within a house is quite straight forward, still creates interesting space and volume that differs from conventional ones and also changes the norm of home renovation.

Photo Credit:Peter Aaron/OTTO

Photos and content courtesy of Industrial Zombie.


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