“Family Hub” – A Refrigerator that Connects Family Members from Samsung

Samsung has launched an innovative refrigerator – Family Hub, with a Wifi enabled touchscreen that help people manage their groceries and connect with their family members at the same time.

The inventive idea is rooted in a nature of people that has a strong connectivity to refrigerator. At a beginning of the day, people open a fridge to find easy meals or ingredients to cook; eventually it has became a dashboard in which everyone in a family starts to communicate to each other by leaving a note or even plan something together.

From this aspect, Samsung equips new features to the Family Hub to accommodate your invisible relationship among family members. For example, three built-in cameras that automatically take picture inside the fridge every time the door closed, and will directly connect to users’ smartphones, which allows users to check what are left in the fridge when they are out, and to manage their grocery shopping through their smartphones.

Family Hub – allows users to check stuff in the fridge through their smartphones.

Besides, the Family Hub syncs calendars of every family member, sends notes and reminders, and also sets their favorite photos on display, which allows them to enjoy the moment together even they are not in the same place.

Family Hub allows family members to enjoy the moment together even they are not in the same place.

And to reach the most efficient for cooking, the Family hub allows users to shop their groceries online, sends an alert message to remind users if any certain things in the fridge almost run out, and also suggests recipes based on the ingredients left in the fridge.

To make this idea clearer, Samsung has also created a film to demonstrate how the Family Hub can involve and enhance peoples’ life in this modern day.

Photos and VDO courtesy of Samsung.



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