Top Picks! Utopia – London Design Biennale 2016

The first London Design Biennale was held in a same period of London Design Festival 2016, located in Somerset House. The event was composed of installation from 37 countries. With a concept of ‘Utopia’, drawing inspiration and idea on how each country dreams of their ideal utopias. Here are five remarkable utopias showcased in the heart of London:

Plastic Effects, Australia

Emphasizing on the plastic problem left in the ocean, which becomes part of food chain and destroys marine life-cycle as well as the surrounding environment, the exhibition transformed recycled micro-plastic into a kaleidoscopic terrazzo-like table.

Plastic Effects

Diving into the Future, Spain

With a concept of ‘Diving into the Future’, Spain provided two zones; Time Tunnel and VR Polis.  Time Tunnel was an octagonal tunnel made of copper pipes and wrapped with colorful thread, together with the reflective semi-sphere at the end of the tunnel creating a movement sensation (like moving to the future time) to the visitors. After walked through Time Tunnel, visitors would enter the VR Polis zone where they were allowed to view a future smart city through immersive 360-degree virtual reality film and also to play in a role of different good citizens conserving the city.

Time Tunnel
VR Polis

Human.Touch, Israel

Focusing on making a better life for their people based on social needs, Human.Touch was comprised of ‘AIDrop’, a first-aid distribution system for delivering 3kg cartons of supplies to remote, disaster areas where are hardly to deliver by road, and ‘Louder’ , a set of mediums that translated sound into visualization for the deaf.

Human.Touch – AIDrop
Human.Touch – Louder

A Journey Around the Neighborhood Globe, Japan 

The concept of Japan’s installation was  ‘mitate’ or ‘looking at one thing as if it were another’. Therefore, this installation featured different design objects inspired by everyday ordinary objects to stimulate visitors’ perspective to look at the world in different ways.

A Journey Around the Neighborhood Globe
Cabbage Bowl

The Wish Machine, Turkey

The Wish Machine was a more modern version of the ‘wish tree’ allowing people to write down their wish of utopian lands and feed their message into the tumble of transparent tubes that installed around the West Wind of Somerset House.

The Wish Machine

Level, Austria

Our last but not least, a kinetic light sculpture portrayed the precarious level that might happen to the utopia and the need of level balance; the LED light appeared brightest when two hands were perfectly at the same level, conversely, the changing surroundings like the change of air flow when people entered the room making the imbalance of two hands making the light dimmed and gradually turned off.


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