Londoner’s Colors! Discover The Color Trends from London Design Festival 2016

During the 9-day London Design Festival in 2016, many design experts ranging from companies to individuals and professionals to new-faces had showcased their great-designed products and installations across the capital. Due to an immense variety of designs, this year’s festival had also gained huge interest from public, not only people in UK but around the world. But if talking about what grabbed our attention the most, it would be the color schemes emerging everywhere; from the UK’s biggest trade show 100% Design to the show of inspiring established independent design brands Tent London. Below are two color-scheme trends of the year.

Alluring Colorless

The most harmonious neutral color trend this year was ‘Brown-Grey’. Brown – a color emerged from nature. Grey – an intermediate color between black and white. A fuse of these two color appeared from small-scale products like tablewares to wall-coverings might look colorless but it made things it colored on become more mysterious and alluring. This emerging no-gender color will become one of colors that we need to keep our eyes on from now.


Refreshing Luxury

The most noticeable amazing color scheme discovered in the festival was the scheme of ‘Teal, Mint, & Navy Blue with Gold Accent’. Teal and mint colors generally gave a refreshing and relaxing sensation to all eyes that look at. But with the addition of blue color and accent of gold, this color scheme became more mature and luxurious. And looking at the quantity of designs with this color scheme (which here we could not show all we had seen), there is no doubt that the color scheme of ‘Teal, Mint, & Navy Blue with Gold Accent’ is the most noticeable and plays a great part in many industries.



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