Glico Creates “GLICODE” – A Coding Game for Kids

We can see that today economy mainly relies on digital technology, and it seems to be increasingly evermore. In this case, computer programmers, coders or persons who understand this digital language will become more and more in need.

Glico has recognized this key aspect and aims to introduce basic programming and algorithmic thinking to children at young age through GLICODE – a fun and educational mobile app, which will not only prepare them for future coding careers but also help improve their problem solving ability in daily life.

To learn and think algorithmically in a yummy way, GLICODE has combined Glico’s delicious signature snacks, including Biscuit Cream Sands, Chocolate Pockys, Almond Peak chocolates and Glico Candy, within the game. Four particular snacks represent four particular codes; sequence, loop, if and random commands.

GLICODE’s commands

Children have to place the actual snacks (commands) orderly from left to right and then take a photo. The app will codify the photo and make the GLICODE’s cartoon character move respectively.

GLICODE’s cartoon character moves respectively.

Photos and VDO courtesy of Glico.


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