Food Alphabets by Tommy Perez

We can see that “Play with Food” is being a current social media trend. Many food artists use food as a medium to share their creativity .

Tommy Perez is one of them. He creates a food alphabet project called “AtoZoë” with his 2-year-old daughter. His project may different from other food artists. Because he does not only use food to share his creativity through letter series but also to teach his own child to learn english alphabets. This is surely a good sample for parents to help their kids enjoy learning, to co-create things together and to strengthen family bond.

Once again that food can be more just food!

“B” for bacons
“K” for kale
“M” for macaroni
“R” for rice krispie
“T” for tomato
“W” for wonton

Photos courtesy of Tommy Perez.


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