When Analog Meets Digital: An Augmented Paper from Montblanc

Pens and paper are the magical instruments that have been used to create a beautiful world of hand drawing and writing far more than hundreds years. The charm of alphabets written by hand gives a truly exceptional feeling that anyone could not experience from computer’s keyboard.

Mont-blanc Augmented Paper

With the concept of bridging the best of analog and digital altogether, a luxurious stationary brand – Montblanc has launched the “Montblanc Augmented Paper” – a stylish notebook set that transfers all written notes and sketches into a digital work.

Just pressing one simple button, all handwritten notes and drawings will be converted into digital text and images which will be transferred directly to mobile’s device. Once the content is on device, it can be previewed, edited, shared with others via connected application which make it highly convenient and effective for a user.

Montblanc Augmented Paper

The design, moreover, is stunning with quality features including a black genuine leather envelope in a pristine shape with the electronic digitizer, a USB cable to charge the device and a StarWalker writing instrument – a  polished black pen with chrome-accent. This smart yet sophisticated notebook set surely enhances a stylish identity of all the owners as well as deliver a bridging experience of analog and digital altogether.

Montblanc’s Augmented Notebook Set Enhances An Owner’s Stylish Identity.

Photos and Video courtesy of Montblanc.


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