Nintendo Switch – A Revolution in Game Console

All the Nintendo fans would prepare for a revolutionized game console of 2017 that allows gamer to play the same title however they like!

Nintendo Switch‘ is a new gaming system introduced by Nintendo. Gamers can play with their family and friends at home by placing Nintendo Switch in the ‘switch dock’ connected to the TV systematically. To enjoy playing outside, the Nintendo Switch can transform itself to portable device, like tablet, simply by lifting the switch from the dock.

Nintendo Switch & Its Gaming Potentials

The portable mode of Nintendo Switch also allow two players to play together. By detaching a joy-con from each side, each player use only one joy-con to play. Besides, multiple players can enjoy the same game together by employing multiple joy-con.

Moreover, gamers can bring their own Nintendo Switch and connect them digitally, which allow them to enjoy face-to-face gaming competition.

Photos and VDO courtesy of Nintendo.

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