The First Playable DJ Pizza Box from Pizza Hut

The Italian-American cuisine chain and international franchise, Pizza Hut has been offering various appetizing dishes, ranging from stuffed-crust, sausage-ringed pizza and pizza pie, and it now moves on to something else rather than its food; launching a distinguished pizza box that works as a DJ station.

The DJ pizza box, created by printed-electronics expert Novalia, is made from a typical cardboard equipped with touch-sensitive decks, a mixer, controllable buttons and DJ software which is able to connect to computer and smartphone via Bluetooth enabling all pizza lovers to enjoy scratching, rewinding, controlling pitch and crossfading songs; changing a simple meal into a pizza party!


This marketing gimmick is attracting many pizza lovers; however, the number of this amazing DJ pizza box is limited and available in only five branches in the UK so for those who target this cardboard deck will need to pay close attention to Pizza Hut’s UK Twitter feed.

Photos and VDO are courtesy of Factmag.

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