Distances Doesn’t Matter! “vTime” – The VR Sociable Network

“vTime” – a sociable network where you can meet and socialize with friends and family in Virtual Reality.

In August 2015, vTime was introduced to the public, by the UK-based innovation studio Starship, as a new platform for people living in long-distance places to spend quality time together in virtual reality. Recently, this VR sociable network was named as a Cool Vendor in the Consumer Mobile Applications 2016 from Gartner, the world’s leading information technology research and advisory company.
Now, vTime is available for Gear VR, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift and also iPhone 5S and above. The immersive experience of socializing in Virtual Reality is far beyond imagination.

First of all, you are able to create and name your own avatar in vTime. There is a variety of hair styles, hair colors, eye colors, clothing and more for you to craft the one that matches your personality. During the conversation, your avatar will move sequentially to your real action; for example, when you turn your face left, the avatar will turn its face left too. Besides your own friends and family, the app offers a friend list, suggested friend list, and a ‘random matches’ section for members who want to make new friends. Similarly to most applications nowadays, vTime also offers members to find their friends via Facebook.

Moreover, this VR sociable network provides something much more fun by allowing members to interact with up-to four people in different environments called ‘destinations’, such as sandy beaches, the arctic and the orbital in space, which enhances this extraordinary socialization experience even more. But for those who seek for their nostalgic or familiar places, vTime also offers ‘Picture This’ option which allows users to upload and set their memorial photographs as their own created-destination.

Sandy Beach in ‘Paradise Island’ Destination
‘The Arctic Expedition’
‘The Orbital’ in Space
And if you think that’s all, think again.
Since vTime is a platform for socialization, there are various tools provided to create impressive immersive socializing experience; for example, ‘The Archive’ – a media hub that allows you to share your photos with other members, ‘360 Gallery’ – a library that features 360 images from around the world as well as keeps your own images. All of these are meant to enrich the socializing experience in Virtual Reality and demonstrate how the future of socialization would be.

Photos and VDO are courtesy of vTime.


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