Google’s Tilt Brush – A Revolution of Painting

How great it would be if your entire surroundings become a canvas for your painting?!

It is beyond a dream when Google has unveiled ‘Tilt Brush’ – a current ground-breaking virtual reality (VR) app that allows you to paint in 3D space. No more canvas, no more palette. The painting possibilities are in your endless imagination.

To enjoy in this immersive experience of painting, you only need to set up you HTC Vive headset, install steam, launch Tilt Brush, and then start painting! By simply choosing colors and brushes (which are available from ink and smoke to snow and fire) you want and waving your hand in the air, your masterpiece will appear right away in virtual reality.

And if you are worried that it would be only you can view your artwork, worry not. Like Edgar Degas, one of famous French artist, once said, “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”, it seems to be pointless for artists if no one can witness their creations. So Google’s Tilt Brush allows you to share your creations as in room-scale VR masterpieces and bite-sized animated GIFs!

Besides its fun, immersive experience Google’s Tilt Brush can offer, it has a potential to disrupt many art and design industries. Like fashion industry, fashion designers can create their works in real scale as close as they want by painting with different textures and fabrics (ranging from denim to silk) and viewing their works from every angle. And for 2D calligraphy, calligraphers can create their works in different three-dimensional way which totally changes a norm of calligraphy. Moreover, Tilt Brush could become a new platform to express art installation in museums and galleries.

The Google Cultural Institute in Paris has proved the potentials of Google’s Tilt Brush by inviting professional artists from different fields to create their own artworks using this imaginative technology. The result was beyond words. So it is not too much to say that Google’s Tilt Brush has revolutionize the world of painting like never before.

 VDOs are courtesy of Tilt Brush.

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