‘Tear Gun’ – Shoot Your Emotional Suppression With Your Bullets of Tears

 A graduate from Design Academy Eindhoven Yi-Fei Chen has expressed her emotional struggle during her study in the Netherlands through her final Master’s project, a ‘Tear Gun’.

Her upbringing in Taiwan has instilled Chen with a respect for authority. Disagreeing with teachers is considered rudeness, which is not acceptable and need to be suppressed; so that will be considered politeness. But being polite in Taiwanese culture is totally different in Dutch’s perspective. Chen had got into difficulty in expressing her idea while studying her master degree there, particularly with her tutor, leading to the emotional breakout.

Tear Gun by Yi-Fei Chen

And that was the beginning of her Master’s project, a ‘Tear Gun’ – a brass gun that collects tears and fire them. A mask with a silicon cup will catch and deliver the tears to the bottle where they will be frozen and loaded onto the gun, and ready to be shot (to the ones who cause all pains).

This visual metaphor expresses Chen’s perspective that in the end she accepts the tears, yet take advantage of them. And that is a poetic suggestion for any situations.

Photos and VDO are courtesy of Dezeen and Vemeo.


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