From The Hottest Sauce to The Hottest Car – “Lexus Sriracha IS”

The current hotness many people talking would go to “Lexus Sriracha IS”  with the slathering of Sriracha red-hot-color!

This one-off car, created by the cooperation between a luxurious automotive brand – Lexus and the Sriracha hot sauce company – Huy Fong Foods, was introduced at  Los Angeles auto show this year impressing many people at the show, and of course also those who did not visit the show.

Lexus Sriracha IS

Besides the car’s most striking feature – Sriracha color that is slathered all over the body and a steering wheel, this hot sensation is reflected via the Sriracha Temperature Settings to control the seat warmer system as well as the AC/heating system – to go from cool to Sriracha hot! Moreover, there is a Sriracha Driving Mode which allows a driver to tune the powertrain for faster gear and for hotter driving!

Steering Wheel with Sriracha Hot Sauce Color and Sriracha Driving Mode

Anyway, talking about Lexus Sriracha IS is not entirely about the red hot thing, the Sriracha green accent is also one of the features creating the distinct hotness and representing the official Huy Fong Foods’ green bottle-cap which appears throughout the car including spindle grille outline, hand-pained caliper, interior cabin mood lighting, chrome side-view mirror accent and hand-stitching on the seats.

The Interior of Lexus of Sriracha IS

Lexus vice president of marketing – Brian Smith explained that Lexus and Huy Fong Foods aim to launch the 2017 model of the Lexus Sriracha IS which will be a sport sedan type and retail for approximately $37,000. For anyone who wants to taste this red hot car and confirm how hot it is, check out this VDO first and we know it is hard to resist!

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