The Checkout-Free Grocery Store – “Amazon Go”

“No Lines, No Checkout” – what a wonderful ideal grocery store we have in mind! And now Amazon brought to reality launching “Amazon Go” – a 1800-square-foot store which makes shopping even faster by letting customers instantly pay as they walk out the door. 

Amazon Go.jpg

Unlike typical grocery stores, Amazon Go requires shoppers to download Amazon Go app to start their shopping. The store employs their so called “Just Walk Out” technology which features computer vision, deep learning algorithms, sensor fusion to detect when a shopper takes any goods and then sync all the orders to one’s virtual cart. When a shopper left the store, all purchases will be charged and shown as in a receipt in the app automatically.

Besides the benefits to consumers, the technology allows the company to track shopping movements of particular shoppers in the store which helps analyzing a particular interest in goods. It could mean better recommendations, notifications on sales, and even special coupons that are really right for particular shoppers.

This checkout-free store is now in a rehearsal to Amazon employees only, while a public opening is scheduled for early 2017 in Seattle.

VDO is courtesy of Amazon.
Photo is courtesy of The Verge.


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