LEGO Boost – A Coding Robotic Kit for Kids!

At CES 2017, LEGO has unveiled a new sub-brand called ‘Boost’ with a promise to bring their building blocks come to life.


The LEGO Boost kit features a set of building blocks, sensors and motors for kids, particularly age above seven, to assemble their robots. The fun part is that the kit is synced to the LEGO Boost app (which is essential) encouraging kids to learn how to code in order to program their robots.


Unlike LEGO Mindstorms, which is designed with more complicated system suitable for young adults, the LEGO Boost set is more kids-centric which come with five creative models; Vernie the Robot, Frankie the Cat, the Guitar 4000, the Multi-Tool Rover 4, and an Autobuilder. Each robot has its own personality that will express based on the coding through the app. For example, Vernie the Robot can move, speak and even dance to music! Frankie the Cat can meow and purr when is cradled. Besides, there are more characteristics that can be programmed trough the app.

This creative merge of physical and digital components appeared through this toy  is surely fun for children; meanwhile, enhance their growth and development. It is foreseeable in the near future that Phygital components (a merge of physical and digital) will increasingly engage in everyday life and create a shift of people’s behaviors like never before.

VDO courtesy of PROMOBRICKS.
Images courtesy of Dezeen.


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