Like Muslim hipster, aka ‘Mipster’ or urban Muslim Americans who embrace Islam as part of their urban lifestyle.

The merge between local traditions and foreign cultures becomes ordinary as an affect from globalization. Subcultures arises, while new mainstream of nostalgic movements has dug out the value of the past to be blended in our present society reflecting the old and new harmoniously.

As a result, these various cultures and knowledge all over the globe have led to ‘AUTHENTIC’ lifestyle and design emphasizing on a mixture of differences; traditional culture and modernity.

Schijndel Markt De glazen boerderij trok vandaag al veel bekijks
Glass Farm by MVRDV

Many emerging designs have addressed this interesting perspective; a merge of old and new . Like  Glass Farm by MVRDV which is a renovated historic building survived from WWII. This architecture remains a traditional structure and covers by a glass facade, resulting in an effect similar to stained glass windows in a cathedral.

Casa no Principe Real_01
Casa no Principe Real by Camarim

As well as a small 5-storey urban house in Lisbon, Casa no Principe Real by Camarim, the building’s construction is typical but its skin is covered by contemporary tiles with motif in an abstract pattern, embodied in 3 distinct media; a flat tile base, a bas-relief-tile body and a perforated-steel, light-permeable, entablature.

Besides, this integration is also reflected though something smaller fused in our everyday life like tablewares – Hybrid Collection from CTRLZAK that blends two different cultures ‘east  and west’,  pendant lamps – Pick-n-Mix from Rothschild & Bickers, and the Hemingwrite from Freewrite which combines the simplicity of a typewriter with modern technology like an electronic paper screen and cloud backups.

Hybrid Collection by CTRLZAK
Pick-n-Mix by Rothschild & Bickers
The Hemingwrite by Freewrite

Therefore, the investigation on color scheme of AUTHENTIC Trend shows the inspiration from authentic cultural and historical aspect (particularly, middle-east) that can match with today modern design.