The world is spinning continuously with the society shaken by economic crisis and the increasing number of hardly-curable viruses, have triggered a group of people to become more concern of their living quality, especially with healthcare to enable disable, elderly and children to live independently with less needs in care givers.

A blend of universal care and efficient living has formed BioSMART to pertain cutting edge technology with harmonious living. Uncontrollable organic shapes and ergonomic functions portray the application of biomimicry, applied to our living space, products and service design, reflecting through the design elements that give mood and tone of mildness and modernity – nature and science.

Bombay Sapphire Distillery by Heatherwick

The first examination is on an asymmetrical glasshouses designed by Heatherwick – Bombay Sapphire Distillery. The structures are made from eight hundred and ninety three individually-shaped two dimensionally curved glass pieces held within bronze -finished stainless steel frames.

Football Stadium Arena in Borisov, Belarus by OFIS Architects

Next, the Football Stadium Arena in Borisove, Belarus designed by OFIS Architects, forms a unified rounded dome, giving the impression of a single enclosed object with perforated skin pulled over the stadium skeleton.

Semesterprojekt Parasitäres Wohnen
Cumulus by Jordi Iranzo

In terms of living space, an installation designed by Jordi Iranzo – Cumulus, is another example generating a space to reach a state of clam with dome-like form and soft white  elastic fabric covered the structure.

Wearable Technology – Purple by Artefact Group

And as advance technology plays a vital role in this modern world which becomes more accessible in daily life, like Purple – a wearable technology locket from Artefact Group that offers a wearer to receive images and messages to their love ones anywhere around the world.

To reflect this futuristic-like design that blends nature and science together, color scheme of BioSMART includes wide ranges of beige and cream as well as blues that give a feeling of caring and hygiene.

color bio