ECO businessman

Advanced technology encourages modern people to explore and digest various information in order to make precise and efficient decisions. Consequently, they are becoming more sophisticated and aware of possible impacts from their actions. Particularly, some modern people are more aware of their environmental footprints and embrace technology as a tool to minimize their footprints; meanwhile, maximize efficiency, contrasting to conservative people with the attempt of “back-to-basic”. And that is a merge of eco + efficient; ECOFICIENT.

The design of this trend represents sophisticated aesthetic of modernity with nature touch. Like Urban Farm at Pasona Tokyo Headquarters renovated by Kono Designs becomes the largest and most direct farm-to-table inside an office building in Japan.

Persona Urban Farm04
Urban Farm at Pasona Tokyo Headquaters by Kono Designs

Another example is a Smart Highway by Studio Roosegaarde that proposes six eco-friendly and efficient ideas for drivers. Sine there are quite a big number of smart eco-friendly vehicles, Studio Roosegaarde comes up with the 6 ideas for highway in Netherlands which would help enhance the use of smart eco-friendly vehicle. One of six ideas is an electricity priority lane which allows an electricity car to be charged while driving.

Smart Highway-electric priority lane-Studio Roosegaarde.jpg
Smart Highway – Electricity Priority Lane by Studio Roosegaarde

It is clear that the idea of living smart and eco-friendly matches urban people’s lifestyle that can be seen from other emerging products such as Ciclotte by Luca Schieppati – an exercise bike with inventive and elegant design for urban people, Electree Mini by Vivien Muller – a tree that uses solar power to charge any gadgets, and Phonebloks by Dave Hakken – a modular phone that allows a user to easily customize, upgrade and repair which helps reduce electronic waste.

Ciclotte by Luca Schieppati
Electree Mini by Vivien Muller
Phonebooks by Dave Hakken 

Hence, the color scheme of ECOFICIENT reflects the merge of intellectual and eco-friendly aspects; like new greens that represent environment as well as dark and metal colors that represent urbanity. color.jpg