Gold Cocoon Coat by Stella McCartney

The rise of social network connecting various information around the globe is shaping a group of people’s attitude, particularly those who love sharing and posting content online, to be proud of their own distinctiveness. It is not only rich or famous celebrities lifestyle are exposed but also unknown people with unique lifestyle can be well-know by social networking. And that draws attention to personalization marketing and digital marketing.

Besides, people become more open-minded to those exponential information they receive online which “INFLUENCE” to a shift of attitude. No surprises, why ‘Transgenders’ is increasing and become important in various industries, especially in fashion.

The design of INFLUENCE Trend reflects a lifestyle of who is always in a middle of attention, in a fun way. Take Gold Cocoon Coat by Stella McCartney as an example. The eye-catching gold color with black pump and a printed clutch add luxurious and young look to a wearer.

Palette by Paul Cocksedge Studio

Meanwhile,  Palette by Paul Cocksedge Studio which is a group of translucent circles of varying sizes, celebrates the landscape surround it; the sky, the trees and the sea – only it own would not be completed.

SUK_Image by Iwan Baan_27.jpg
Superkilen by BIG, Topotek1 and Superflex

Superkilen by BIG, Topotek1 and Superflex is a park in Copenhagen that combines various items that represent the nationalities of every local resident such as Neon signs from Russia and Qatar and pingpong table from Spain. However the most distinctive element of this park belongs to a patchwork of pink rubber blanketed the ground.

Louis Vuiton Store in Tokyo by Aoki Jun and Associates

The facade of The Louis Vuitton store in Ginza District of Tokyo, Japan by Aoki Jun and Associates is made from a perforated pearlescent aluminum shell and patterned with a repeat motif based on the brand’s monogram. The design is basically outstanding from the surrounding areas.

The INFLUENCE design can be seen thorough daily-life items such as nail polish by Christian Louboutin – the first cosmetic design to match the red soles of his famous, patented high heels, and a Golden Vessel Bathtub by Splinter Works – a carbon fiber bathtub with clean lines and curvaceous shape delivering stylish artful relaxation.

Nail Polish by Christian Louboutin













Golden Vessel Bathtub by Splinter Works

Therefore, the color scheme of INFLUENCE trend combines various fanciful colors to enhance individual distinctiveness. Ranging from vivid, iridescent to glittering colors.