The emerging macro trends that have big impacts on lifestyle – demands on the way of living, are leading us toward design trends of 2016/17 – supplies that answer those demands. Before moving on to the content of each design trend, this page will be explaining the captured macro trends that we forecasted they have impacted on ways of living in different ways.

The first macro trend addressed here is “efficiency”. It is mainly about input less, output more. As nowadays urban people’s expectation of speed and ease are rising exponentially, while efficiency is also a must. This trend encourages people to become more knowledge savvy and smarter decision makers who rationally prioritize functionality as the most important element.

Secondly, “sustainability” might sound familiar as it becomes increasingly more important in our world. Consumerism widely believe that businesses should be responsible for their environmental and social impact. The significance of sustainability in business can be obviously perceived from the increasing sustainable innovative tangibility and intangibility. Therefore, sustainability here is not about back-to-basic anymore, in fact, it is about being environmental and social friendly while it harmoniously aligns with modern lifestyles in order to achieve true sustainability.

Nike Lunar Eclipse 5 Shoes

Thirdly, “healthy is a new skinny” demonstrate a more optimistic way of how one should be living as well as recognizing a true value of health. Key trends in the future of health which are changing the health landscape to be more productive and accessible include holistic tracking personal wearable devices, incentivized wellness that motivates people to live a healthier lifestyle.


The fourth one is “nostalgia”. During this uncertain economic climate, where people are worried about their savings and pensions as well as governments worried for their countries, people are reacting to those threats in different ways. Some people perceive nostalgia extraordinary and sentimental, embracing nostalgia in a creative way to seek adventure, new sensation and freedom.

In an era where everything is connected, “internet connection” has dominated modern people’s lifestyle, especially Gen Y. The first thing they do when they wake up is to check their smartphones, as well as as the last thing before bed. This implies the power of mobile technology that has made internet within reach resolution an increasing number of internet users everywhere. Some people use it as an approach to grow from being nobody to become somebody, as seen from new increasing internet celebrities. Some use it to explore and appreciate the world’s complexity and blend the differences into their lifestyle.

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The last macro trend is “customization”. Customization is rising due to ‘Me-conomy’ – the rapid change of consumers, with wider gap of income, education, personal preference and lifestyle that reflects each individual’s needs. This creates opportunities for marketers to come up with an explicit approach to answer each individual’s demand.  However, today customization is common for various products and services. So advanced technology is targeting part and helping us making thins easier and more cost effective for businesses to reach consumers at the most exclusive level.

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